Trekabout Episode 256: Deadlock/Innocence

The USS Voyager gets duplicated for let’s say the seventeenth time in “Deadlock”. Then, in “Innocence”, Tuvok gets marooned on a planet with a group of children. These plot summaries haven’t been very promising, Star Trek: Voyager. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 252: Prototype/Alliances

B’Elanna Torres reactivates a drifting robot in “Prototype” and ends up getting kidnaped. Captain Janeway tries to form an alliance with the Kazon in “Alliances” but surprisingly, it doesn’t work out. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 249: Parturition/Persistence of Vision

You know that Neelix jealousy subplot we’ve been complaining about for a couple of weeks? They decided to give it a whole episode and it’s called “Parturition”! You know that Janeway gothic horror holonovel? Well, they sort of give it its own episode and it’s called “Persistence of Vision”! iTunes Google Play RSS