Trekabout Episode 315: Star Trek: Voyager, Child’s Play/Good Shepherd

The Borg children are back in “Child’s Play” and Icheb needs to make a tough decision. Then in “Good Shepherd”, Janeway avoids making a tough decision. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 314: Star Trek: Voyager, Spirit Folk/Ashes to Ashes

We return to Fair Haven in “Spirit Folk”, but not all is as it seems. Then, in “Ashes to Ashes”, things are exactly as they seem, and it is infuriating. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 313: Star Trek: Voyager, Tsunkatse/Collective

Can you smell what Tuvok is cooking? Duane “The Rock” Johnson guest-starts in the otherwise-forgettable “Tsunkatse”. Then, in “Collective”, Seven of Nine babysits a group of children. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 312: Star Trek: Voyager, Virtuoso/Memorial

The Doctor meets some adoring fans and makes some questionable decisions, in “Virtuoso”. Then in “Memorial”, the entire crew begins to experience disturbing memories. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Special 8: An Interview with Jennifer Nash

You may know Jennifer Nash best from her role as Meribor in “The Inner Light”, but she has had a long career both in front of and behind the camera. Her latest project, Hide, is a new science-fiction time travel project. We talk about that, her work on “The Inner Light”, and discuss her work …


Trekabout Episode 310: Star Trek: Voyager, The Voyager Conspiracy/Pathfinder

In “The Voyager Conspiracy”, Seven of Nine creates her own narrative about the crew on Voyager. In “Pathfinder”, Reginald Barclay creates his own narrative about the crew on Voyager. Plus! How great is it to see Troi again? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 308: Star Trek: Voyager, Alice/Riddles

Tom Paris once again becomes creepily obsessed with an inanimate object, in “Alice”, and Neelix becomes obsessed with helping Tuvok, in, “Riddles”. Also! Trekabout is taking the next two weeks off. Our next episode will be released on August 14 (14 August for those of you in the correct parts of the world.) iTunes Google …


Trekabout Episode 307: Star Trek: Voyager, Barge of the Dead/Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy

The show decides to give B’Elanna character development for some reason with “Barge of the Dead”, a Klingon-centric episode. The Doctor-centric “Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy” is the winner of the week, however. iTunes Google Play RSS